December 16, 2021

So…You Want to Buy a Property?

So…. You Want to Buy a Property?

Property Buying

Buying Real Estate Property

What is the first step?

As a realtor working in the Brandon area, I can help you every step of the way with your needs wants and dreams and I can help you find the perfect home! I am passionate about my job and I genuinely love working with people. What is the FIRST THING you need to do right off the hop??


Time to buy. What comes first?


Go to your banking institution!

In fact, …. shop around talk to as many mortgage brokers/lenders as you can! All banks or credit unions and brokers have a different list of tools that they can help you with in your buying experience.

I work with many lenders and depending on your unique needs I can help you navigate the complicated world of obtaining a mortgage and find the best fit for your purchasing experience!


Mortgage calculators

There are many handy tools out there. Online mortgage calculators will help you figure out what your mortgage payments would be on the home you want.

However, the best possible advice will come from an actual mortgage specialist. They will help you navigate any extra expenses and will teach you about what is happening in the current market in terms of mortgage rates.


I am certainly not a mortgage specialist…my job is to help you find your dream home! Please feel free to reach out and I can help get you started in the right direction! I work with many great Mortgage Specialists in Brandon and surrounding areas who can assist you with your mortgage needs depending on your individual circumstance!



Opening doors to your real estate dreams!