December 16, 2021

Getting the biggest bang for your buck!

Getting the biggest bang for your buck!

Getting the biggest bang for your buck!

Getting the biggest bang for your buck!


My husband does the painting in our house! I am very thankful for that. We have had many painting projects over the years. I am always shocked and amazed with what a difference painting a room or two makes to the over all feel of a home. In our current home we went from a dark gray which made the house feel quite like a tunnel or a cave …. to a bright light gray. The transformation is amazing! We also just switched out some of our rental properties to lighter paint colours- with bright under tomes- cleans them up even an older home! Makes a big difference especially how people feel in the property. The goals are for people to be happy and want to live in those spaces.


Picking the right color…shade…. tone…. ahhhhhhh!


The biggest problem that I have with paint is the colors that I choose never ever looks like they are supposed too or what I think they should look like in the actual house! LOL! My husband always rolls his eyes….it happens every time. He worked in a paint store for several years when he was younger and has done many projects, so I rely on his experience to guide me in the direction of the right tones and shades.


You get what you pay for! Buy good quality paint!


His first rule always with no exception is to use good paint. It makes all the difference in the world. Believe me many mistakes have been made by myself and my clients trying to get a bargain on paint. Through my company Century 21 Westman Realty in Brandon we have opportunities for our clients through Dulux Paint Stores paint for you to take advantage of at any time! Please ask me about this excellent value!

My biggest piece of advice is to make friends with the clerk at the paint store! They do this day in and day out and the advice that they can give you for choosing paint color is the best advice! If you’d like to reach out to me please do so I would be more than happy to put you in contact with several of the local people I use in Brandon as interior decorators and paint store experts!


Good luck getting creative! Have a fantastic day …. and I am sure your next painting project will be fabulous and will make a wonderful transformation in your home sweet home!


Please share your experiences…good or bad.


Happy Painting!