Did You Know? April 13, 2021

Spring is Here

Spring gardening! Is it consistently above 10°C yet??

Recently a great friend of mine posted an article on Facebook! I am not much of a green thumb, so the information was greatly appreciated. The article talked about that many pollinators are currently overwintering in dead leaves and hollowed out stems of last year ‘s plans. Until the temperatures are consistently above 10°C it is a problem for these pollinators. If you clear away these leaves and debris now you will literally be throwing away this year ‘s butterflies’ bees and other beneficial pollinators! How many of you already knew this? Those that know me well may say that this was just an excuse for procrastination… Not true!

Where are all the BEES and BUTTERFLIES?

I wondered last year why we did not have that many butterflies or bees I question whether this may have been the problem?

I sure hope that in Brandon and surrounding areas we can help improve the population of butterflies and bees! There has been lots of information on how these little creatures help our environment! I know we have several groups in Brandon that support this initiative I sure do hope to see many bees and butterflies in my garden this year!

If it anytime you would like some more information on this topic or you would like to be put in contact with the many gardening groups in Brandon Manitoba that support these initiatives please let me know and I can help you reach out for information or maybe you wish to join these groups!

You may be interested in checking out the Brandon Garden Club!


Happy gardening!